Rufabgo Waterfalls (Republic of Adygea)

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Rufabgo stream waterfalls are located in the Maikop district of the Republic of Adygea, 2 km from the village of Kamennomostsky. Locals call the village of Hadzhokh, the railway station is also called, which can be reached from the city of Belorechensk by the North Caucasus Railway. Rufabgo stream waterfalls are located in the Maikop district of the Republic of Adygea, 2 km from the village of Kamennomostsky

Bolshaya Rufabgo stream is a tributary of the Belaya River, on which the village of Kamennomostsky is located. Previously, only 7 waterfalls were investigated, now it is recognized that there are 16 of them, from a height of up to 20 meters.

Each of the waterfalls has its own name: “Grandiose”, “Dry”, “Deep”, “Children’s”, “Humpbacked”, “Far”, “Modest”, “Lelkin”, “Bowl of love”, “Girl’s braids”, “ Rockfall ”,“ Girl’s braid ”or“ Laces ”,“ Heart of Rufabgo ”,“ Cascading ”,“ Noise ”,“ Three Brothers ”.

In winter, waterfalls are covered with a thin layer of ice and create a different, but no less powerful impression.

Title legend

According to legend, Rufabgo was a giant who terrorized the entire district and, according to the prevailing conditions of giants and other strong mythical creatures, he loved very beautiful young girls, whom he took away at his own request. Of course, the men were unhappy that the giant took the most beautiful, and made attempts to defeat him, but only one daredevil named Hadzhokh managed to defeat the giant. The young man, taught by the bitter experience of his predecessors, went to the wizard Mezmay and found out from him that the giant could be defeated only by tearing out his heart. Hadzhokh set off and found a giant, called him to battle. Hajoch took advantage of the powder that Mezmay gave him - turning into a cloud, the powder momentarily disoriented the giant, and Hajoch was able to tear out the giant’s heart and throw it as far as possible. My heart fell into a stream and turned to stone. Since then, the “Rufabgo Heart” waterfall has appeared.

Notes for travelers

If you are an inexperienced tourist or traveling with children , it is best to go along the equipped route, which covers 5 waterfalls (from the bottom upstream). The standard route, the paths of which are equipped , starts with crossing the bridge, after which you find yourself in a clearing. The first Three Brothers Waterfall is a little downstream, right at the mouth of the Rufabgo Creek. The second “Noise” waterfall is located a little upstream, it is a high and beautiful waterfall, the noise of which is heard far around. Further along the route is the "Cascade" waterfall, which spreads widely along the stone steps, also called the "Waterfall". Not far from the "Cascade" upstream is the main waterfall - "Heart of Rufabgo". A huge stone, resembling a human heart in shape, blocks the path by a stream, so the water is divided into two streams and rushes into the gorge. Having admired the “Heart of Rufabgo”, go further - to the highest waterfall “Maiden's Scythe”, or otherwise called “Lacing”. Water rushing in a narrow stream from the height of a five-story building will not leave you indifferent.

Further, the equipped route ends, but if you are ready for heavy physical exertion, then you can go on a walking tour above to see all the waterfalls. you will get to the Maiden’s Spit waterfall calmly - tourists have already trodden visible paths. If you decide to go around all the waterfalls, it is recommended to go down from the very first waterfall downstream, so at the end of the day you will go out to tourist places and you can enjoy your vacation.

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